European Frog-bit Collaborative

Connecting stakeholders to advance research on and management of European frog-bit in the Great Lakes

European frog-bit is a rapidly spreading invasive plant across North America with impacts disrupting ecosystem processes and waterways. Learn more below about European frog-bit, the work of the collaborative, and how to get involved and report detections by clicking the tiles.

What is European Frog-bit?

About the Collaborative

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About the Collaborative

The European Frog-bit Collaborative aims to improve interjurisdictional coordination and collaboration among stakeholders, establish communication networks for the EFB community, and build consensus on next steps for EFB management and research. A broad membership base of states, provinces, Tribal, and other entities and a well-organized communication network facilitates the exchange of information between scientists, managers and stakeholders, and provides ongoing guidance and feedback within an adaptive management framework.

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